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Welcome to Cunningham
At Cunningham Mutual, we believe that people that work in high performing organizations are constantly challenged with balancing commitments to their career and their personal lives.
The constant need to make good financial decisions is clouded by time pressure and a lack of expert assistance when you need it.
People often put the needs of others ahead of themselves and leave little time to get their personal financial lives in order.
At Cunningham Mutual, we solve this problem. We give you the framework and assistance to make the right decisions that suit your life, and we execute the decisions to ensure you get back to doing the things that are important to you.
We understand the complex and intricate issues that you face, including investment advice, optimal tax structuring, share offers, remuneration packaging, effective debt and leverage arrangements, cash flow forecasting, integrated family advice and estate planning.
Our services are designed to suit people with demanding financial needs that require sophisticated and broad advice. The truth is that this can be at almost any end of your career spectrum from the first time you become entitled to a bonus through to your election to the board of directors.
We work closely with you in creating a comprehensive financial strategy.

Financial Strategy
The basis of the financial strategy statement is that we have come to believe that some things in the arena of financial advice are truths worth recognizing.
• Truth on your current position. Get a solid view of just what you are really worth and what investment assets you have accumulated. Is your balance sheet balanced?
• Truth on your future contribution to wealth. Your ability to generate income, your human capital, is the most powerful influence you have over your wealth.
• Truth on the market contribution to wealth. It's not as powerful as you think.
• Truth on the use of wealth in retirement. People don't spend their capital; they modify or reduce their lifestyle.
• Truth about your appetite for risk. You need to assess your risk profile and its impact on your balance sheet.
• Truth that retirement is something that happens to everyone. Whether you have sufficient assets to enjoy that chapter of life, or not, is what you need to address early. But the truth is it happens.

These aren’t just words.
Each word is chosen because together they describe how we work. Everything we do is personally connected to your unique world. Starting with your personal financial position and objectives, we work with you to establish the financial disciplines that are the drivers of true wealth. Taking into account your individual circumstances and your unique goals, we design a comprehensive financial plan – a personal blueprint – that will guide us as we secure your financial position now and build your future wealth. The key to our success as your Personal Financial Architect is in how we work with you to plan and construct your wealth. Your happiness does not come from the financial roof over your head; it comes from the sound foundation that it stands on.

Who we are?
A Pan Asian asset manager

Cunningham Mutual is a dedicated asset manager and committed to every one of its clients.
Cunningham Mutual formed fosters a closer relationship with each of our different types of client and improving the excellence of the services we offer them. We now have three business lines structured around three key client segments: individual investor, institutional clients and private families.
Because each market has its own economic and regulatory environment, Cunningham Mutual adapts its advisory and investment products and services to the specific needs of each client. As the asset manager for a changing world, Cunningham Mutual has strong ambitions and we strive to make our clients’ success the main focus of our commitment, by understanding their environment, anticipating their needs and providing them with tailor-made solutions.
To complete the circle of our close client care, we constantly seek out new innovations and systematically apply a rigorous approach to our risk management.

Thanks to our multicultural network spread across Asia, we are able to adapt our offer to our clients' needs and expectations, as well as to regulatory developments. Our investment professionals have a global footprint and each of them specialises in a specific asset class or type of product. As a multicultural company, we all share the same common values: the client comes first; independent management; responsibility and transparency.

With recognized investment expertise
Cunningham Mutual is renowned for its investment expertise, which it puts to work for each one of its clients throughout the world.
Cunningham Mutual is recognised for its performance and innovation in asset management. It received the top award in the investment management category for performance in the Investing in the Emerging Markets. 

Cunningham Mutual, a Pan Asian player
Our 100 or so client relationship managers take care of our institutional clients and individual investors in 30 countries. Each fund is managed by one or more dedicated investment centers, as we strive to offer bespoke solutions to every client, whoever and wherever they are.

Offering a wide range of investment solutions
As a ‘multi-local’ asset manager, we believe that forming a close relationship with clients is extremely important. Drawing on this commitment and our global presence, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions for every type of investment profile, covering all major asset classes worldwide:
• Traditional asset classes: equities, bonds, money-market funds,
• More complex products: multi-management, alternative management, indexed products, protected and model-driven investments, mixed portfolios,
• Cross-business investment themes: SRI and emerging markets.

An extensive network of sales teams offering bespoke solutions
Our customer service teams work closely with their local marketing team and draw on our global resources in order to offer their clients the best possible service. Our specialists are constantly on the lookout for solutions adapted to the needs of every investor profile and, because our client relationship managers know our investors inside out, they can offer products and advisory services that are perfectly adapted to their needs.

Investment Philosophy
Investment solutions for today and tomorrow.

With a wide range of investment solutions Cunningham Mutual offers bespoke, value-creating solutions - including an extensive and diversified range of funds - to meet our clients' needs.
The head of each investment team is responsible for drawing up and implementing their own investment philosophy. Common elements of these philosophies are the importance of research for adding value, an emphasis on risk management, and the use of innovation.
In the interest of our clients, Cunningham Mutual has set up a strict risk-control process for assessing the risks that must be taken to obtain optimal returns.
Cunningham Mutual integrates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in its investment strategies, enabling our clients to contribute to a more responsible economy, while limiting the financial and reputational risks associated with the most controversial companies.